Flashback Friday – MoPac style

DeSotp MP 2109 6-46 Collias

DeSoto is located south of St Louis, and was home to a large car repair shop for the Missouri Pacific, as well as the namesake town of the DeSoto Subdivision. Though previously published in his book “Missouri Pacific Lines in Color” from the early 1990s, the late, great author and photographer Joe G Collias was kind enough to lend this image of a classic scene at DeSoto in June 1946. Missouri Pacific 4-8-4 #2109 has arrived with the northbound Texan, while a switcher works the car repair shop tracks on the left. This shop is still open and in service today for the Union Pacific. (Joe Collias)

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TBT – Rock Island style

Owensville Rock Island 1205 local 10-20-75 Dalman

While trains 73  & 74 were the only scheduled through freights across the St Louis line, the Rock Island did operate locals in each direction our of Eldon. On the est end, these locals served customers at Union, Owensville, Belle, Meta and Freeburg. GP7 #1205 has a 21-car westbound local in tow near Owensville on October 20, 1975. (Paul Dalman photo)

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Throwback Thursday – KCS style

Grandview KCS 27a 8-69 Maty

Grandview KCS #1 obs 8-69 Maty

The northbound KCS Southern Belle, train #2 calls on Grandview in August 1969, led by E8 #27. When inaugurated in 1940, the Southern Belle operated with sleepers, a diner-lounge and chair cars, and made the KC-New Orleans trek in just over 21 hours. By 1969, its last year of operation, the Belle is down to a baggage, two coaches and an observation-diner, which brings up the rear as #2 heads north for Kansas City. (Both – Allen Maty)

The above is an excerpt from Rails Around Missouri, Chapter 4, page 88. The first hard cover production run of this book in 2013 sold out in 12 months, but a second print run is currently underway, and will be available by Thanksgiving 2015. You can order your copy today with the link below, and your copy will come signed by the author. Our price is $54.95 plus $8 shipping.

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Frisco Friday from Rails Around Missouri

As we re-launch the production of Rails Around Missouri with a reprint of the original book, below is an excerpt from Chapter 7 – Central Missouri, and a look at the Frisco’s Salem branch.

At Cuba, milepost 86, a branch was built to the lead mining areas to the south of the mainline. Known as the Salem branch, this branch split at Lead Jct., with one line going to Buick, and another to Salem. A pair of Frisco GP38s lead a Salem branch train over the Meramec River near Steelville on October 11, 1980. (Terry Norton, photo; Chris Guss collection)

Steeleville SLSF 455 N of 10-11-80 T Norton-Guss

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Rails Around Missouri to be reprinted!!



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As FYI – a true sequel is being considered. If you have pre-1980 material, especially pre-Amtrak passenger action, please contact me!