Missouri Sneak peek for 1-25-13


The depot in Hardin was a combination of a station and interlocking tower. The tower operations were replaced by CTC, and the station & tower were demolished in the mid-1970s. Just prior to that, Santa Fe U28CG # 7909 leads a westbound past the station in June 1973. This unit was built for passenger service in the mid-1960s, but was re-assigned to freight in 1969. The 3rd track is out of view to the right of the photo. (Joe Collias)

This selection is from Chapter Two: Northern Missouri. “Rails Around Missouri” will be released on May 1, 2013 with over 500 all-color photos spread over 224 pages in this hard-cover book. Reserve your copy today at the pre-release price of $47.95 plus shipping. See below for options.

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Missouri Sneak Peek for 1-18-13


In the early 1980s, the KCS still maintained a small yard in Neosho to serve local business. MP15 #4364 idles nearby as a typical trio of KCS SD40s lead a northbound freight past the depot on June 15, 1980. KCS Employee timetable states all northbound trains were required to stop at the south yard limit sign, recharge the train airline, and contact the dispatcher for authority to enter CTC territory before leaving Neosho. (Daniel Schroeder)
Above is this week’s sneak-peek, selected from Chapter Four: The Kansas City Southern. KCS is the only railroad covered with a dedicated chapter, and is also one of the 2 covers available when you order your copy of “Rails Around Missouri”. The pre-release sale continues at $47.95 plus shipping until May 1, when the books will be in stock and begin to ship.



“Missouri” sneak peek for 1-11-13

At Cuba, milepost 86 of the Rolla Subdivision, a branch was built to the lead mining areas to the south of the mainline. This branch split in two at Lead Jct, with one line going to Buick, and the other to Salem. Four GP38-2s are hard at work at Cherryville, in Crawford County, dragging a northbound train of lead concentrate up the Buick branch from the mines on October 13, 1975. (photo by Paul Dalman)

This is one of seven shots of the branch lines out of Cuba that are featured in Chapter Seven of “Rails Around Missouri”, our 224-page, all-color, hard-cover book being released May 1, 2013.  Order yours today at the pre-release price of $47.95 with your choice of the Frisco or Kansas City Southern cover. Shipping will occur the week of May 1.

Rails Around Missouri now on sale!!

We’ve reached that point! “Rails Around Missouri” is completed as a single-volume hard-cover book, with 224 pages containing maps, history, and over 500 all-color photographs from every corner of Missouri. A bonus section includes color photos of 45 Missouri depots. Choosing from the KCS or Frisco cover, your copy will come autographed by the author, made out to you or your gift recipient.

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Shipping will occur May 1, 2013.

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Rails Around Missouri Format Change

Format Change!! In the process of laying out & arranging the content of “Rails Around Missouri”, an executive decision has been made to change the format of the book.
Originally, the book was to be 2 volumes, each 128 pages, softcover, and each with a separate cover. Volume 1 was to cover everything north of the Missouri River, excluding St Louis but including Kansas City and the KSC. Volume 2 was to cover everything south of the Missouri River not covered in Volume 1, plus St Louis.
The new format is to be a single 224-page hardcover book, but with the choice of one of the 2 covers above. There will be 500 with each cover. When the book becomes available for sale, the purchaser will be able to choose between the KSC cover or the Frisco cover, while supplies of that cover last. Estimated date that the book will go on sale is January 1, with delivery expected May 1, 2013. Stay tuned for more info!